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Friday, November 25, 2011

#Chihayafuru Chapter 11

Here you go !
Chihaya Furu chapter 11 :)
Brought to you by Katrina and JinHea both the great lovers of this Manga/Anime!
Hope you like it !

By the way donate to help us, we hope to get a raw provider for some volume scans and a domain as well as hosting services which we want to avail so that we get a forum to discuss :)
If you are a web master to set us a free forum contact us NOW!
There is donate link on right side and up a "Contact Us" tab.

#Kurogane Chapter 10

Here is Kurogane chapter 10 enjoy~~~ :)

Bonus page too I found it on wsj website a calender of Kurogane!

Have fun!

#Tiger and Bunny Chapter 1 [RAW]

Here just ripped Chapter 1 of Tiger and Bunny.

Enjoy Download here

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#Prison School Chapter 10

So, we have got a translator to continue prison school.
Expect weekly releases now we'll try to catch up ASAP.
Colour Page is done by Unograil of Pinoy.

We still need people for PRISON SCHOOL:
1. Re-Drawers [Experienced]
2. Typesetter [Experienced]

Sunday, November 13, 2011

#Tokyo Girls Destruction Chapter 6

Chapter 6 + some bonus :)
Thanks to PROzess for the translation.
Editor Anon
T/L PROzess
P/R Linux
Q/C PROzess,Ren