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Friday, September 30, 2011

#Kurogane Chapter 4

Here you go Chapter 4 ZERO!

The raws were not great 1600px pre cleaned and am not good with them. RE DRAWING SUCKS. Specially when I tried to re draw kurogane's gi (upperhalf).
Sorry for the pathetic re drawing. Idiots will point out and cry over it.

After geting scolded by cookie [ :( ] here is fix.
Sorry, I did see when checking butt somehow missed my mind while uploading.
Fixed Page 4[5 on Batoto.]

#Light Wing Chapter 17

OMG what do we have here!
Enjoy new chapter =D

Hopefully others will come fast. Blame it on my hard drive from which I just recovered! [It's dead now :( ]

~~~ ENJOY!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mousou Megane Chapter 1

MU link:
Imagine what you could do if you had glasses that could see through the clothes of that cute classmate you’ve had a crush on. Or that young teacher that you daydreamed about the entire time during class. Maybe your long time female friend that you never had the courage to ask out. If you could see their beautiful body without them having a clue, what would you do? This is every guy’s fantasy played out. [vyc]

I do hope there are no mistakes and TENMANGA AND MANGAREADER.NET FOLLOW 24 HOUR DELAY!
or you want us to water mark with Tenmanga and Mangareader NOT allowed to host.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#Kurogane Chapter 3

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Chapter 4 will be late we don't have raws.
Am tired.
Did a blunder in the chapter name lol

We are looking for raw provider for Weekly Shonen Jump. If you could scan a particular series that be great.
International groups who might have access to the raws as soon as its released in Japan, then please do share with us.
you can contact us on

Any help is greatly appreciated.
If you know a link where the scans come out first or know the scanner who might help us out that'd be great!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

#Kurogane Chapter 2

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 The first page is so awesome <3!!!

Chapter 2 is here!
Release includes:
1 Bonus Page
We changed the next colour page [all blue] to b/w because it really didn't look good.

Cleaner: Ren
Typesetter: Kaishou
Translator: cookie_on_fire
Editting: Lokocr, Ren

Do read the notice in the rar. Support Scanlators.
We are also thankful to Raenef  ( A typesetter) who was kind enough to point out a grave mistake in our translation. We apologize for our mistake and for not correcting it.

The mistake was that the first colour page its not parry rather dodge,miss, in a way did not defend or counter attack but dodged it.

Enjoy the release!
And Thanks for your support.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

#Kurogane Chapter 1

Lazy Ass Scans wishes Kaishou HAPPY BIRTHDAY! [ a little late! ]
He's an awesome fast typesetter from Nigihana group.
Beside that enjoy this release its Chapter 1 of Kurogane, we also did the oneshot.
The release includes:
1. Bonus Colour Page
2. Cover of Kurogane in WSJ.
We have also added a note in it and beside that  please visit our new channel chat with us there at

Not to forget I made a mistake in it, I by mistake saved all the pages in low and then changed them some pages seem different grays, I apologise for this mistake!
We need RE-DRAWERS! We really need some we lack re-drawers alot! 
Now on to the release ENJOY!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 We have an IRC channel.
Not much active but you can visit though am rarely online lol

its #lazyass

We have dropped Nurarihyon No Mago.

Mangacurse will be doing it individually like it used to.
I really don't get much time to clean now a days + I like to only work on HQ raws not share beside that we were always late because of miscommunication  between both the groups.
As it is I didn't read Mago LOL
MC will continue to scan Mago for you guys as always!
Prison School will continue be a joint and is not yet dropped!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#Nurarihyon No Mago 168

Sorry for the lateness and we need cleaners for mago!
Thanks alot to Neozero without which we wouldn't have been able to scan 168 till now.
Cleaner: Ren
Typesetter: Theslasher