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Thursday, September 22, 2011

#Kurogane Chapter 1

Lazy Ass Scans wishes Kaishou HAPPY BIRTHDAY! [ a little late! ]
He's an awesome fast typesetter from Nigihana group.
Beside that enjoy this release its Chapter 1 of Kurogane, we also did the oneshot.
The release includes:
1. Bonus Colour Page
2. Cover of Kurogane in WSJ.
We have also added a note in it and beside that  please visit our new channel chat with us there at

Not to forget I made a mistake in it, I by mistake saved all the pages in low and then changed them some pages seem different grays, I apologise for this mistake!
We need RE-DRAWERS! We really need some we lack re-drawers alot! 
Now on to the release ENJOY!



Anonymous said...

Hasn't clockwork lies already done this? Or did they drop?

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for this chapter! Feels like it's going to be an awesome manga. Will you guys be picking it up?

Anonymous said...

Thank you :) it is definitely a story that should not be stopped.

1337 said...

thanks i wait for your scans always! :D

Kaishou said...

Nearly a month late :P

Anonymous said...