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Saturday, December 4, 2010

#Mr.Fullswing Chapter 42

Mr.Fullswing Chapter 42. We have the RAWS so, if you want future chapters of Mr.Fullswing, then we need TRANSLATOR[main] and TYPESETTER's.
Hope you Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

ei? 42? wheres 41?

Ren said...

OOps we missed it :P
We aint got translators. I had 42'nd's so i did that
If you know someone who knows jap tell us

Lazyfan said...

come on guys...if you really want to read us a favor...go post everywhere telling LAzy Ass need translator for fullswing....

p.s: i wonder why ren released fullswing 1', go work on Arata no Tsukumogami...(poor ren, he do all the job & i'm just cleaning...) :p

Anonymous said...

glad to see somebody picked this up.

what about chapter 41 though?

KaitoKief said...

Thanks for the chapter

Anonymous said...

Woah,love it that you picked that up ^^
would love to help you guys,but cant help with translations,but what is the job of a typesetter,maybe i can help with that ^^

blahz said...

yeah!! thanks you guys for scanlting this.... :D :D