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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#Light Wing Chapter 16

The raw wasn't good and re-drawing was extreme difficult sorry for low quality. Hopefully we'll have 2nd version soon.
We need cleaners and re-drawers! Please help even if you can help a little is fine.
We need people who can work on fullswing with us!


KaitoKief said...

Thanks for the chapter

Anonymous said...

The grays should have more texture, like this:

Lazyfan said...

wow...anon, your clean is great!!!

Anonymous said...

no, that's not my true cleaning ability.
This is what i can do:

Ryuzaki Ren said...

wow real good.
if you would like to help us get at your level then you can send critics on lazyfan's clean by using the "contact form" above.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I applied here as a cleaner and typesetter many months ago, but I was rejected multiple times. :P

Ryuzaki Ren said...

you mean here?

Anonymous said...

Yes, here.

Ryuzaki Ren said...

there might be reasons if you werent accepted.
1. either you applied i gave you links to learn and you never replied.
2. You actually did good job butt when i contacted you i didnt get reply.
Anyways its good that you have gotten better.

heidenrex said...

lulz, either he's an mri member or he just took those from the official release.

Ryuzaki Ren said...

o.O eh really?
even though the page [l.w] is good :p