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Saturday, June 11, 2011

#Rosetta Kara no Shoutaijou Chapter 2

Are we not always full of surprises? :)
For the first time we are doing shoujo!
Though first chapter was already scanlated by another group, we'll still do that chapter since we have the t/l!
Thanks to JinHea at MH for the t/l !
We are open for joints for this manga since we got the t/l's!
Contact us if anyone is interested :)
~Enjoy Don't forget to say thanks!


T1 said...

Yay, I fucking waited for this. After seeing JimHea's tl on you know where so I waited just to see someone else release it and go wtf? O.o

Dude, next time dun take this much time to do a chapter when groups all over the place are doing titles of manga they like. Think about it; you both could have done 2 different titles xD instead of wasting resources on the same title D:

I'd like to do a joint but I've been asked by so many since I saw Jin's translation of it that...well dun got the people to spare T.T (maybe if everyone decide to drop the joints they want to do with us, lol)

Anyway still good to know that you release this instead of wasting Jin's tls ;) Will wait for more of this cute one volume manga.

Thanks as always~ and keep up the good work.

PS: No time to be LAZY, lol.

Ryuzaki Ren said...

Sorry Actually we are more of shounen :P
butt then we thought of doing a shoujo butt slacked off and off :P
We'll still do chapter 1 so look out for it :)